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PXN8, free online photo editing

I've had this problem a lot -- I want to make a quick tweak to an image I've uploaded to Flickr, but I don't have Photoshop on the computer I'm using and I have to wait until I'm home to make my quick tweak. I've always wished that Flickr would add in some simple photo tools like crop, but until that day you can try out PXN8. You can crop, rotate, sepia tone, lomo, blur, resize, correct red eye, whiten, modify hue/saturation/brightness/contrast, or add round corners to your images. It's designed to work with Flickr, which should also help you save a bit of time. The Flickr integration could be a little better, but I'm sure there is (or will be) a Greasemonkey script -- there's already a bookmarklet.

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Why not use GIMP?



GIMP sucks :)

Kidding aside, the reasons I can think of for using PXN8 are:

1) You still have to download GIMP. This is not always an option nor is it fast.

2) PXN8 is better for simple edits than GIMP because it's focused on a few photo-specific tools and includes actions GIMP doesn't: lomo, round corners, and sepia (they are possible using GIMP, but not simple).

3) The workflow for using PXN8 is faster for Flickr-to-Flickr editing. You find the image on Flickr, click on your edit bookmark, do your edits in PXN8, then tell PXN8 to upload. You get to stay in one Web browser window the entire time.

4) It's a lot easier to give Joe Random Flickr user PXN8 for their photo editing than it is to teach them how to use the buggy and complicated GIMP. I've used GIMP on my work computer until recently and it still doesn't make sense.

PXN8 is certainly much more limited than GIMP, but I think that for a Flickr audience it probably wins out much of the time.


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