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Misc notes

  • My aunts, uncles, and dad all grok iPod. My dad e-mailed me for Christmas to ask if I had an "IPOD." I sadly wrote back that I already had two. I think it would be fair to call this as a tipping point condition: people over the age of sixty grokking a piece of technology. I envision Steve Jobs swimming in dollar bills ala Duck Tales after the next quarterly report.
  • Katamari Gingerbread House is leagues above my own efforts at gingerbread house making.
  • Solar vs. Sonar: snortykills' sister has solar panels for her iPod. It gets about 1 hour of playback per hour of charging. He points at that this is not half as niche as the Gameboy Pocket Sonar.
  • Wishlist: one-click software to turn a mini-DVD into a VCD. My sister got a fancy mini-DVD camcorder, but the software I'm finding is either expensive or impossible for her to use.
  • Silicon Dominion my @$$: I have to drive ~10 miles to get free WiFi (at Panera)

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