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My new baby

plasma tv

42" diagonal, a healthy 76 lbs. Due home on Tuesday.

Panasonic 42" plasma HDTV on Amazon:

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Congratulations to the proud parents!

does this make you a single dad?

with lots of aunts and uncles to help watch over your baby? :)


Does this mean the super bowl party is at your house?

kwc Author Profile Page:

It's always nice to have aunts and uncles around who will watch over it and buy it new toys like monster cables and TiVos...

As for Super Bowl, all depends on how my Redskins do. For now my allegiance is to college football and the USC Trojans.


having been present at the moment of purchase, and then having ushered the new babe into the household while you were at work . . . i solemnly request the honor of godparent. :)

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