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Young 41, USC 38

Man, it sucked to break in my new TV watching USC lose to Texas, but that was a great national championship game. As much I as I enjoyed watching USC beat Oklahoma before the first quarter was even over, having a game come down the wire makes for better viewing. I was plenty familiar with USC having seen most of their televised game for the past three years, but I hadn't seen Young before -- crap he was amazing.

As for arguments about officiating, USC had many chances to put away the game for good: 4th and 2, facemask penalty, etc... If USC was better, they would have put it away. Instead the teams were evenly matched and it came down to the final minute.

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i thought as many wins as usc had pulled out this year in the the last minutes that it was true justice that they should be beat in the last :19 of the game. yes, vince young's performance made many ask, "matt who?" and "reggie bush, heisman trophy winner?"

texas did GIVE usc many chances to win with poor protection of the football,...usc GAVE texas many chances to take a lead and keep it. in the end texas seemed to be able to score at will one more time than usc did, just as the clock ran out. given more time, the outcome would certainly have been much different. oh well.

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