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New Apple laptops

Intel dual-core Apple laptops, $1999+, and Intel dual-core iMacs. Maybe one of these days I'll finally pickup a Mac... or maybe after I recover from the purchase of my TV. Also cool to see Apple embracing video blogging and podcasting with iLife '06. An interesting tidbit from the announcement was that Apple sold 14 million iPods last quarter. That's a whole lotta white earbuds.

Note that at this time, the homepage is still advertising the "new iMac G5" and "new Powerbooks." Hope they didn't produce too many of those.

update: has finally updated with the new products

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That brings up an interesting point. What does apple do with obsolete stock? Do they have a clearence sale? Are all those models discounted now? I have to think that this change is so significant that they'd have a hard time selling models which have been instantly made to seem rather unappealing, relatively.

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Apple typically has a clearance sale of obsoletes after the new models release. Usually you can find the models discounted for 10 - 20% or more off in their special sale section on their online store. They also sell returns as refurbs. The Cult of Mac seems to ensure that even if they are unappealing spec wise, there's enough of a demand there that people will buy them. As far as I can tell, Apple is still continuing to sell the iBook and Powerbooks online.

I agree that their current marketing scheme makes the old Powerbooks look pretty bad from a usuability standpoint.

I imagine if stock of the old Powerbook gets overwhelming, it'll wind up on

With proper supply chain management apple won't have a huge surplus. This isn't a case of a competitor making the models old and outdated but a deliberate outdating themselfs. They have probably scaled their purchases as needed. Much of the systems are probably JIT manufactured not unlike DELL and Compaq. Holding large inventory hurts the bottom line a lot especially when parts get cheeper the longer you wait to buy them.

Also remember the only laptop they introduced is the 15". They still have a 17, 14, and two 12 formfactors that are stuck in PowerPC land. Untill more 3rd party software goes universal the PowerPC will be fine if you want any of those formfactors.


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