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Thinking of buying a Mac Pro? Perhaps you should wait

According to Adobe's Intel-Mac transition FAQ, you may want to delay your upgrade to the Intel iMacs. You may also want to save up a bit more $$$ for the switch. Adobe will not be releasing Universal Binaries for it's current application versions (e.g. CS2). You will have to wait until their next release to get Intel support and, presumably, that upgrade won't be free. You can still run CS2 on the new Intel Macs, but you won't get the performance upgrade you were planning on. Of course, you could always get good Intel performance by running Photoshop on Windows ;) ...

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They left out the third most important rule to live by in The Princess Bride. The list looks something like this:

1) Never get involved in a land war in Asia.
2) Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
3) Never buy the first generation of new Apple hardware.

Even the biggest Mac fanatics know that one.

Yeah, but I still want a new iMac 2.0Ghz... To bad rosetta isn't faster. Optimizing JIT binaries with Caching would be great.

I'm trying to resist it... but I don't have a desktop anymore (I gave my minimac away so all I have is two notebooks, one for home, one for work).


Yeah, having the Intel Macs ship so early took pretty much every major software publisher by surprise -- there's some pretty major changes involved if they hadn't updated the code to have been in XCode (and it sounds like Adobe hadn't made that transition yet)

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@meta: That reminds me of what I complained to R about Apple reliability issues (I believe after my first iPod died)

Me: "Apple hardware isn't reliable"
R: "I worked in tech support and the Apple hardware was much better."
Me: "Then what about all the first generation Apple hardware issues?
R: "Well everyone knows you don't buy first generation Apple hardware."

Anyway, we'll all cautiously observe M's first generation Mac Pro for signs of smoke.

I thought about picking up an Intel Mac, but the thought of maintaining 4 computers was too much for me, not to mention frivolously expensive. Perhaps some date in the future when my Dell laptop kicks it. But by then I'll have paid for Adobe CS2/3 on my desktop and won't want to shell out more money for a Mac version. I've finally realized that Photoshop is my lockin -- all of my computers must have it.

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Given your superpower for disrupting Macs, you might want to reconsider the purchase of an Intel Mac.

While Photoshop is certainly very useful, I find that I need it on my primary machine the most. The other machines are essentially web browsers.

My view, as far as the Adobe stuff goes is that even with Rosetta, it can't possibly be slower than my 800mhz TiBook.


The Mac Pro will also (hopefully) not be on the verge of dying like your TiBook. But we'll see what Law #3 and my superpowers can do. Muhahahaha.

I can't even manage a MythBusters post without Photoshop, so any machine I expect to use better have PS. I also do all my photo-processing, Web site, and UI design with PS. The only exception for not having it on a computer of mine is if, for example, some future version of a Mac mini had more interesting PVR capabilities than the current Front Row. I'm already going to buy an HD TiVo, so I don't chart this as a very likely purchase for me.

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