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Wakeup Soap

soap2.gif3 years ago, I proclaimed caffeinated soap to be the '#1 innovation of the year [2002].' I'm a lazy luddite, though, and have yet to actually use this invention I exalted. Have no fear, ArsTechnica has put the soap to the test and, barring a $100 12MP Canon Digital Rebel with built-in GPS, I can re-proclaim caffeinated soap to be '#1 innovation of the year [2006]' because some innovations transcend the year in which they were invented. It may just be the added tingliness of the peppermint oil, but the stuff appears to work. I believe.

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Wonderful. I got a bar for my big brother for Christmas, but I haven't given him his Christmas presents yet. Hopefully I'll see him before the fall and he'll be able to give it a try.


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