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Valentine's Day roundup

Pulled from The Examiner and elsewhere:

  • China Daily/AP: there is "fresh demand from couples who are going under the kinfe to get their noses and even their eyes done as a sign of their love for one another.... 'I suggested it as a way of celebrating our relationship and bringing us closer together with a special kind of bond,' Liu Yan, 24, was quoted as saying of the matching nose jobs for her and her 28-year-old boyfriend."
  • Headline from the Onion Radio News: "US Leads World in Pregnancy Test Scores"
  • More than one-third of the people on list eyes as their best feature
  • Davis Freeberg left me a link to his TiVo Valentine's Mixer summary in the comments
  • GIS data can find you love: MapInfo released some Valentine's demographic summaries, such as "Laredo, home to Miss Texas USA, topped the metropolitan area list as the best place for single men seeking single women, with 89 men per 100 women in the 25 to 34 age group." Odd that no one wants to advertise Sunnyvale as one of the best places for single women to find single men (8th highest male-female ratio in US in 2000). GeoCarta has more of the MapInfo stats.
  • Plan a date for your next flight: Airtroductions
  • Puppy monorail
  • Kazo, a 4-month-old African Lion cub, plays with her new canine friend Cairo, an Italian mastiff puppy, on Friday at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido, Calif. Cairo was adopted by the park after her mother was rescued through Operation Canine Rescue in response to Hurricane Katrina.
    Photo credit: Christian Calabria, Associated Press


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