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Disable that annoying GMail popup

gmail.gifupdate: novak has pointed out the easier "standard without chat" link at the bottom of your GMail inbox that will completely disable the chat functionality (including annoying popups).

GMail Chat has finally migrated to all of my GMail accounts. I don't really plan on using the chat functionality, so mostly I'm annoyed as the update also includes a popup window that appears anytime you hover over someone's name. It seems really, really, silly to me to see an "Invite to Chat" button when I hover over an Amazon purchase confirmation.

If you're as annoyed as I am and you have Firefox+Greasemonkey installed, Garett Rogers has written a Greasemonkey script that banishes the popup to the netherworld.

Warning: it eliminates all popup windows, including the one for the Quick Contacts pane. The popup window in the contacts pane is the only way I know managing your Quick Contacts, so if you still need to use the chat functionality you may wish to do without.

Eliminate Gmail Chat popup windows Greasemonkey script

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I'm someone who randomly waves the mouse all over the screen as I browse and the things popping up in my gmail are killing me. If google doesn't change that pop-up to only happen upon click, I'm gonna have to reinstall greasemonkey.


I haven't tried this out, but at the bottom of the gmail screen, you can choose to view gmail without chat. I simply enabled that for my gmail, and no matter where I log in, chat is gone.


What an obnoxious interface ...

kwc Author Profile Page:

ahhh, relief without evening having to update all of my computers. thanks.

They seem to have toned this down. (On my Windows work machine on Firefox) The popups only show up when hovering over "quick contacts" in the chat box, not everywhere.


That's good. I've heard person after person complain about this behavior. Now if I could just figure out why GMail keeps crashing my Firefox.

Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan:

Are these comments getting to Google? For such an outstanding company, how can Google be so juvenile with this damn chat popup? One would think that the minds that created the many genius functionalities of Google would be mature enough to realize that many users are about more than "chatting". To have that cursed popup block my view so frequently is enough to drive me away from gmail. Such a function should be an elected option, not the default. Please pass this on to Google.

Hey check it out... you don't have to install a script to wipe it out... Here is a link to directions on how to disable the email notification that pops up simply by un-checking a check box in the google chat or talk settings

Hope that helps you!


I've found if you disable the "People Widget" in your settings, the hovering pop-ups go away... but so do the cute little faces. If you can live without a visual reminder of what the logo looks like, this is a simple way to clean up the interface.

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