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Behold the awesome knowledge of Google

Google had me more than a bit disappointed with GMail + Chat and the whole China censorship issue, but Paul@Icarus Diving gives me warm fuzzy Google feelings once more with this screenshot of all the useful knowledge contained within the Google Suggest search box:


No wonder people are trying to wire up their bathrooms with Web terminals -- Google really needs to add "How to use a Japanese toilet" to that list. Try it yourself if you wish to discover what other knowledge may lie within the magical textfield.

via apophenia

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I wholeheartedly agree. I want to see "How to get that $#$*&@ "bidet" to turn off, or at least decrease the water pressure."

Those toilets are amazing.


whoa. i just typed in "porn", and...



You're right -- no "how do you use porn," "how do I find porn," "where do you find porn," etc... The biggest search engine demographic being intentionally ignored. The pr0n market is slightly better supported.

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