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I actually watched the Oscars

It's been awhile since I last watched the Oscars. I think I briefly watched the hobbity bits, but not the entire event. I watched to see Jon Stewart and, for the most part, he didn't disappoint... for me. According to The Moderate Voice, the reviews are mixed. My own brief Technorati search for "Jon Stewart" turned up positive review after positive blog review, which seems to agree with my own understanding, which is that Jon Stewart made funny jokes if you are a Jon Stewart fan and made unfunny jokes if you happen to be the type of person who takes what actors wear to the Oscars seriously. I especially liked the Spielberg "Trilogy" joke and the fake lobbying ads ("Acting while beautiful"). The opening monologue and a montage of Jon Stewart jokes have made it onto YouTube -- hopefully other clips will make it up long enough for viewing before being taken down by a cease and desist letter.

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From the critics of Jon Stewart I've read here and there (before and after last night), the people who don't like him are the people who can't laugh when jokes are about them or their people. If the joke is funny, I'll laugh whether it's about George Bush or Bill Clinton, but a lot of people are too uptight. They don't like their guy being made fun of, no matter how funny the joke is. Hollywood doesn't like being made fun of, unless it's Johnny Carson or Billy Crysal making the fun, b/c they're on the inside.


I agree -- Stewart was making fun of the people right in front of them and only some seemed to appreciate the gentle jabs. Going back through the online clips it's almost as much fun to see who does and doesn't like being made fun of.

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