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I'm going to Japan!

I've just sent in my registration for aamas-06: Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems as there is a paper that I wrote some paragraphs and did some UI designs for. The conference is in Hakodate, Japan, on the big island of Hokkaido. This will be my first trip to Hokkaido, so if you have any suggestions/recommendations, please send them along. We're currently figuring out how to make our way up to the Daisetsuzan national park.

I always comment on how I seem to visit the parts of Japan that no one else seems to visit (e.g. Sasebo, Okinawa, and now Hakodate), so I think I'm also going to take some time off and cruise down to Tokyo to experience the tourists' Japan. Suggestions for Tokyo are also welcome.

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I wish I was going with you guys.

Shinjuku has quite a life at night.

Oyogi and Harajuku are interesting to go to on the weekends -- the kids dress up in a victorian/gothic style.

Akihabra is neat just because of all the electronics stores, and there's a lot of shopping plazas.

There is a bakery chain called Vie de France -- their breads, pastries and cakes are fantastic. My friends and I would stop at a Vie de France in the morning and buy a couple of baked goods to take with us as we traveled through Japan.

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