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I've posted my MythBusters: Franklin's Kite and Flatulence Myths episode guide and a review of the IMAX film Wired to Win.

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Are you going to set it up so Mythbusters content appears on Everyone?

kwc Author Profile Page:

The original plan was, no, MythBusters and cycling blog content would not appear on everyone. The MythBusters is in part because there are technical reasons -- the post date is now being set to the air date of the episode -- and the cycling stuff because it has a tendancy to flood during the Tour de France, etc... The goal with the cycling blog was to be able to post more cycling stuff than usual without flooding the everyone page.

I could put it up to a poll and see what people think. If people want to see the Mythbusters and/or cycling stuff, then I'll figure out a way.


Since you've got feeds for them each individually, and I don't mind having a second feed in my reader (I regularly check spare cycles and this blog), I don't mind the separation. That said, I didn't mind the integration before, either. I guess I don't care, heh.

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