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Poll: Blog separation (cycling, mythbusters)

The cycling and mythbusters blogs are now 'hidden' from both the Movabletypo front page, LiveJournal users, and the normal feed for this page. Is this what people prefer? There are several options for the Movabletypo/LJ feeds that I can try out, which of these do you prefer?

  • Keep hidden, people can check the cycling and mythbusters separately
  • Put MythBusters entries back into the Movabletypo or LiveJournal feed
  • Put cycling entries back into the Movabletypo or LiveJournal feed
  • Do summary posts like my previous entry that highlight some of what's going on in the other blogs

I personally don't care either which way as I have no trouble reading my own entries :) ... and I already know how much each entry gets read so it doesn't affect my vanity for you to say thumbs up or thumbs down to seeing certain entries (muhahaha Google Analytics/Measuremap).

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As I said earlier, I don't properly care, but I suppose I'd vote for the summaries.


yeah, like glynn, I'd vote for summaries.

I'd vote for the mythbusters content back into movable typo. As for the cycling... I could go either way, but I liked to check out they mythbusters concept and the only feed reader I use is moveabletypo's front page.

bp Author Profile Page:

I'd be happy to see mythbusters up on mtypo, I don't much care where it shows up feeds-wise, so long as a decision is made in time that I can fix up my feed reader without missing too much. :)

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