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Novak, Novak, Novak

I want to be like Novak. Scratch that. I want to be like I want to be like Novak. That way I can get a controversial blog on and use my first post to explain how my love for Red Dawn and Patrick Swayze transcends acting "talent." Then Novak could post about my blog, I could drop in, and hilarity would ensue.

Sorry Novak, I just had to share this with the non-LJ community.

Update: and it just gets sadder more hilarious -- novak's story is now on Wonkette

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But seriously, is it just me or has the world gone completely batty?!


Is it batty because:

* Ben has a controversial blog on

* Ben found out about your LJ post

* Wonkette posted about it

* all of the above

at least you're not the Star Wars Kid

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