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At last, e-mail (Gmail hosted)

Update: screenshots and more screenshots

I've never had e-mail addresses before. I'm just too lazy. I also prefer Web e-mail and very few options exist that would be superior to my regular GMail account. Now, in a couple short minutes -- short enough to do lazily -- I have a GMail-hosted account. I'm still in the setup process. I can receive, but not send e-mail (they are verifying my account or something).

The details I've gleaned so far: * you can login to both your @gmail and your own hosted account simultaneously * you get up to 10 e-mail accounts free * 2GB (I don't know if this is per address or total yet) * you can set your own logo to replace the GMail logo * you can enable/disable chat across accounts * you can customize the sign-in box color

I've always wondered why other free-mail services (hotmail, yahoo) haven't made similar moves. There is a wretched land grab that occurs with any of these services where everyone scrambles to get their screenname of choice; the late-comers are left with . About once a month I get mis-sent e-mail for a Kimberly or a Kevin or some other poor soul would probably has some meaningless digit appended to their account name.

With domain-hosted e-mail, GMail now has effectively infinite screennames for its users. I get to have a screenname that makes sense (guess my e-mail, it's really, really easy), no one else accidentally gets my e-mail, and other people should hopefully be able to easily remember the address.

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bp Author Profile Page:

Oh, neat. I didn't realize you could login to a hosted account *and* Gmail at the same time. Maybe I'll sign up one of my domains to try that out... and, heck, several of my domains don't have mail setup. Does it scale to more than gmail+1 hosted account open at once?

When did you sign up for the beta?


I signed up a long, long time ago (first day it was announced). It probably would scale beyond gmail+1 as each domain has its own login URL, but they probably wouldn't give you that many.

You are so lucky. I wait for it for long long time.

btw, each account has 2GB capacity.

I was wondering if you are at least a little bit worried about Google archiving your email for who knows how long. I just got approved for domain gmail and it has given me some pause. I have a gmail account that I only use for secondary purposes. Not that I have anything to hide, but Google makes me a little uneasy.

kwc Author Profile Page:

@Ken Liu: it's a murky issue. If you delete an e-mail, Google has stated that they will "make reasonable efforts to remove deleted information from our systems as quickly as is practical." The fact that they keep an e-mail around after you delete it is a fairly standard programming optimization -- generally you mark something as deleted and then purge it later when you have more system resources free.

There is always the possibility with any online service that your private information could be requested by law enforcement. This threat is not unique to GMail, so if you are choosing between GMail and another online e-mail service, then there is not much difference.

If your concern is that Google is mining your personal information to display targeted ads to you, well, that's how Google makes its billions, and that's why your 2GB of e-mail is free.

The email mining doesn't bother me (every host scans email for viruses anyways), it's the fact that they keep email indefinitely. Yes, I realize it's a database optimization to delete later, but some reports seem to indicate that they keep email forever. The recent news with Yahoo and Google turning over information to the Chinese government has made me think twice about how they treat their customers' data.

I'm comparing hosted Gmail to using email provided a hosting provider like Dreamhost. In terms of privacy and security, they both have access to your emails, but I don't think a Dreamhost would be able to get at your emails so readily, nor would they keep them around forever.

I think I may not go with hosted Gmail anyways until they offer IMAP support.

I signed up for it on it's launch and have only recently been given access. The free service gives access to up to 25 inboxes, you can add as many address-only emails as you like. So far so good, I always preferred Gmail to using 1and1 webmail, now I can use Gmail at my domain, what more could you want? Only problem is that unlike Google Mail the storage is set and does not increase over time.

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