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More hosted Gmail screenshots (manage domain)

for Kolo, I've posted a couple more screenshots of the "Manage Domain" screens for hosted GMail.

'Dashboard' (main management screen)


Account status just tells you whether or not you've set everything up correctly (MX records, verification, etc...).

User screen (Users->click on a particular user):


Obviously I've edited out a bunch of personal info here, which is also why I'm not going to do a screenshot of every page. This page should tell you just about everything you need to know: * each user can setup 'nicknames', i.e. alternate e-mail addresses * you can setup e-mail lists for your domain (e-mail lists can only contain users at your domain) * each user gets 2GB

For the other screens: * Create user: fairly quick, just have to enter in first name, last name, account name, and temporary password (one is provided but you can change) * All e-mail addresses: lists every account, nickname, and e-mail list for your domain * Domain settings: organization name, support contact, sign in box color, "Use your own fancy logo," enable/disable GMail chat. * Advanced tools: manage your accounts list using a CSV spreadsheet import

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