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They call it, 'MagnaView'

I'm starting to get addicted to United Nuclear. First it was aerogel, now it's magnets. Two of them items that caught my eye were the MagnaView fluid and the small neodymium magnets. The 'supermagnets' that can crush fingers also caught my eye, but that's about the last thing I want in my electronics-laden household.

I've wanted MagnaView fluid ever since I saw videos of it from SIGGRAPH. The small magnets were interesting because I want to make a traffic light trigger for my bike shoes. As it turns out, the small magnets are a little too weak: too weak to make a traffic light trigger and too weak to make the super spikes you see in on the United Nuclear page and in the SIGGRAPH ferrofluid sculpture.

The MagnaView fluid and small neodymium magnets are still fun to play with, but I'm definitely going to have to upgrade to a bigger magnet. My own manipulation of the fluid pales in comparison to the ferrofluid sculpture, but I've uploaded it to YouTube anyway in case you're interested.

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A while back I picked up a collection of neodymium magnets from Think Geek. Amazingly strong little things, pressing one down on another with like polarities face-to-face results in enough force to shoot the free one across the room. I'd like some bigger ones too.


I just ordered about $40 worth of magnets from United Nuclear that should be more powerful as well as a flask to stick the fluid in. My plan is to see if I can make the fluid 'dance' inside of the flask and possible drop a spherical magnet inside.

We'll also see if I could start shooting magnets across my patio. I've never really had a magnet powerful enough to be weapons-grade -- we'll see if a future post talks about my injuries ;).


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