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Apple's Bootcamp: First Step?

Update: Parallels Workstation 2.1 beta for Mac OS X has been announced. You can see video of Parallels in action onYouTube.

Every tech site on the Internet seems to be talking about Bootcamp, Apple's official support for dual-booting Mac OS X and Windows XP that was previously the realm of hacking contests. Apple's official support and easier installation setup are a great gift, but I'm still keeping my eye on the Parallels Web site. Techworld said that Parallels would be announcing virtualization software for OS X this week -- who cares about spending time rebooting into another operating system when could run both (in Rahzel voice) at the same time?

There's been a lot of movement on the OS virtualization front recently. r was explaining to me on Caltrain how Intel was implementing a bunch of new instructions to support virtualization. These instructions improve virtualization performance and make life easier for virtualization companies. AMD also announced CPU support for virtualization, so the game is on between the CPU rivals. Virtualization technology has historically been targeted at corporate servers, but perhaps it will soon become something for the masses -- Parallels?

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The big problem with virtualization is the video card. I want to play games on my computer but I really want to run OSX. That means the virtualization really needs to hand the GPU back and forth to the host then to the hosted system. Nobody does this right now.

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I dunno, do you need to play video games while booted into OSX? While I'd love to see better video virtualization, it seems like for the 80% case, it'd be fine to boot into Windows for gaming sessions, and use virtualization most of the rest of the time.

Though, I suppose newer OSes, like Vista, are going to expect more and more of a connection through to the GPU. I'm pretty sure VMware has been working on this for a while, and the most that I've seen is buggy support for DirectX in their Workstation product....

I hate to reboot. I run a bunch of apps all the time and I don't like to quit them. When I want to play a game I just want to start the game and play. Ideally games would just work under OSX but since most games don't including Half Life 2 which I'm currently playing...

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