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At last my new workstation has made it to my office. It's a dual Xeon but it's virtually 4 CPUs. I ran a compile of our ginormous application while doing some photoediting in Photoshop CS2 and it didn't blink. I was still getting instant previews of filter effects on a 6 megapixel photo.I've forgotten how to fully utilize this much power -- clearly I've lost my edge. It has earned it's moniker Kilkenny already.


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I can see your running Windows32 not 64... You really should add those flags to your boot.ini. See your physical memory? You are loosing 700MBs to PCI and such. If you enable PAE you get that back. If I were you I would really want the 700MBs back, it is about a sixth of you memory.

If you enable 3GB then certain supported user processes can use 3GBs of user space not 2GB. By default windows uses the high virtual bit to key kernel space/user space. The 3GB flag will more the kernel space up to 0xC0000000 from 0x80000000. Apps like photoshop will be able to use this.

(No this isn't secret info, you can find it on the Microsoft web site or the latest Windows Internals book by MS Press)


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Thanks for the help -- the flags are in there and are awaiting my next restart. It will be even harder to break when it reboots.

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hmm, my control panel says I hae "Physical Address Extension" (I used /PAE /3GB) but my physical memory still lists at 3.12GB.

Hmm... What chipset/board is this?

Have you or did they isntall the latest Intel Chipset INF files?

Also you can check your bios, sometimes they have settings in there that effect memory reporting/configuring.

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