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In search of cherry blossoms

I'll be doing conference stuff the next couple of days but we are going to make a quick trip out to Matsumae to see how the 10,000 sakura (cherry blossom trees) are doing there. The sakura where we are staying in Hakodate are mostly closed still, but the blossoms aren't really the point. hanami (flowering viewing) is like the first day of spring at MIT: it's a good excuse to go out to a park with your friends and party. Even though the sakura weren't in full bloom in Hakodate, there were still tons of people partying and the grills and kegs were out in full force. We got invited over by a group to enjoy some kimchi ramen, rice, and lots of beer. One of the guys called himself "Japanese HG" (wikipedia entry on HG, aka Hard Gay) and there was even an HG costume in a bag. We played a gambling game where you stab swords into a barrel until a little HG doll springs out, but, alas, the HG costume stayed in the bag.

We're hoping for more sakura fun in Matsumae. The tourist office puts it at 50% right now, but they have more varieties of sakura there with different blooming periods. There probably won't be as much partying on a weekday, but who knows? I tried to find some news articles to find out how the blossoms are doing there, but this babelfish-ed article was all I could come up with:

Oshima inside of pipe Matsumae Cho on the fourth, declared the bloom of the Soviet May reed no inside the Matsumae park. On the fourth than the common year, three days than last year it was late, but inside the road it became the quickest declaration.

As for Matsumae park place of interest of cherry tree of road inflected finger.

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