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No time for full posts, but some random bits:

  • In a correction to my previous Japan trip log, I'd like to proudly state that I now have a DS Lite. ota, m, and I waited in line at the Ikebukuro Toys R' Us and were able to pick some up. I promptly bought a copy of old-school Dr. Mario, which doesn't use the capabilities of DS Lite in the least, but I'm looking forward to trying some other games out. I did pick up a copy of the 'America' travel assitant, which I will play around with to see if it is good enough for reverse English->Japanese usage.
  • Jangara Ramen in Akihabara/Omotesando makes me sad to eat ramen in the US again.
  • All-you-can-eat food in Japan is awesome. We had all-you-can-eat dessert at Sweets Paradise in Ginza for ~$13 and all-you-can-eat shabu shabu at Mo Mo Paradise in Shinjuku for ~$15. I suggest that you visit these places first when visiting Japan, as your stomach will start to shrink from the smaller Japanese food portions the longer you're there. I think I lost weight despite the constant consumption of highly sugared vending machine drinks.
  • I think I should have been using Japanese soap and shampoo my whole life. It's possible that it's the California desert climate, but my half-Japanese skin didn't feel the least bit itchy like it does with US products.
  • Is Karl Rove indicted, or no? I'm confused.
  • Lost is finally going somewhere, just in time for the season finale this week. It sure does make me think that the entire first half of the season was a waste.
  • TiVo let me down on recording the Giro di Italia. Bad TiVo!

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If you haven't seen Lostpedia yet, say goodbye to a day of your life...



I just gave up a couple times and unabashedly ordered double meals.

I got seriously addicted to cold soba noodles and freshly made tofu, neither of which I can find done properly here. alas.


@metamerist: Gah! Must avert my eyes from more Lost investigations -- oh how they draw me into their web!

@meta: my usual strategy in Sasebo was to switch to a hobbit time schedule of eating, but that's a little harder when you're travelling with others. m did ask me why I wasn't going kaedama with my ramen when we were eating our second dinner, so I pointed out that I had already eaten a large crepe and a taco rice dinner. The all-you-can-eat is definitely easier on the wallet than the hobbit/double-portion strategy :).

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