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Gadget packaging

Consumer Reports and this derivative Wired article address one of my biggest pet peeves: plastic packaging. I hate it when something I buy takes first blood. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't ever recall having this problem with products I've bought in Japan. America seems to be the land of the sadistic plastic packaging obsession, though it's also the land of the wondrous Apple packaging that's just too pretty to throw away.

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My usual method is to punch it or bang it against my head until Katherine takes the package away from me and opens it herself. =)

I also hate the sticker seals on DVDs. With CDs you could pop the hinges off and peal the tape off pretty easily, but you can't do that with a DVD.

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Too true. Whenever I encounter those plastic packaging nightmares, I always wonder if it's worth the purchase. My trick is to use a knife instead of scissors to do the cutting -- and to use gloves to handle the plastic. I really ought to just boycott products that insist on plastic entombment, but it seems like some products, like memory cards will always be protected by razor sharp plastic.

I've kept the packaging for every apple product I've ever bought (with the exception of the iPod shuffle box). I've never gotten an injury from an Apple product either, while I've received countless ones from plastic (before I discovered the knife and glove method).

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