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Well, there goes my bank account

I just ordered a Canon 30d -- I'm hoping it's worth every penny because it's quite a mound of them. I'm trying to take my cycling photography to the next level and -- even though I'm not quite ready for it -- the 30d should alleviate some of my gripes with the Rebel 300D (hard to tell if things are in focus with viewfinder, can't activate AI servo independently, slow startup, low fps, etc...). Although I was jealous to see one of my co-workers with the Canon 5d, the 30d should actually be a better for action photography.

In other action photography news, as of Tuesday that wonderful blow-up-stuff show now has the rights to some of my photos for their Web site. Irony is delicious.

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I'm so jelous! I really want a 5D really really really. However, it just isn't in the cards right now. It doesn't help that I have been too busy to play with my 350D... :-(

I hope the 30D rocks!

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Nice. I think you're going to enjoy the 30D -- what happens to your Rebel?


For the time being Mr. Rebel will become camera body #2 with a wider lens as well as SLR-lite when I don't want feel like carrying the heavier 30D.

wait.... whyd do they have rights to your photos? are they going to pay you?


No, I gave them non-exclusive rights for free. A more than fair trade for being allowed to be there in the first place. It's important to distinguish between the people who make the show and the people who buy the show. The people who make the show are very generous. The people who buy the show have lawyers.

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