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All year long my AP Psychology teacher in high school would entice us with the "narcoleptic dog video." Behave, and we would get to see the video at the end of the year. We behaved, we got to see the video, we laughed, we cheered. She was a good AP Psychology teacher.

Now, thanks to davextreme, I can relive that high school moment once more, and I'll share the video with you all without making you behave:

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Cute...but I guess you needed to be there to fully feel the motivational power of this film? :)

I would have been more motivated by a chance to watch the video of the Milgram experiment ("Obedience") -- that was some really amazing, unforgettable, faith-in-humanity-destroying stuff.

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Or Zimbardo's good ole' Stanford experiment.

The important aspect of this video for me is that it's a dachshund -- your first inclination might be to feel bad for a dog with narcolepsy, but then you realize, "it's dachshund, it's not like it has to fall far to the ground."

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