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A visit to BookBuyers today made me think of this series again... (spoilers ahead)

I got rid of some books at BookBuyers today to lighten the load for when I move later this month. My bookshelves are overrun with books stacked two-deep and I'm dreading having to carry boxes of books to my new place. The Marvel Universe had a similar problem with mutants -- far too many, especially with big plans ahead -- so Marvel did a similar thing by running House of M and evaporating a large swath of mutants that most people don't care about. They also maimed some popular torture targets (Wolverine, Professor X, and Magneto) to make it seem more significant -- just about as much as X3 the movie managed. I think Marvel made a bit more money than I did at BookBuyers, though BookBuyers does pay top dollar for graphic novels.

So, in praising this series, I feel like I'm complimenting Marvel for cleaning their room, and Marvel clearly just swept some of the garbage under the bed where it can be pulled back out if necessary. As a side-note, universe-cleaning seems to be very popular as DC revisited their original house-cleaning, 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths, with 2005's Infinite Crisis and this year's 52.

But, perhaps because of slight OCD tendencies towards cleanliness, I'm finding myself more fond of House of M than first pass, and the real reason I think is because Marvel stuck Bendis on Avengers Disassembled, New Avengers, Secret War, and House of M. When I heard about Marvel's Civil War, it all came together, it all made sense. It feels like Marvel has been laying the groundwork for a massive meta-storyline across these mega-storyline events, and they did so by handing control over to a single author. Granted, it's Millar, not Bendis, who's taking the reigns of Civil War, but if you go back to the earlier storylines, the sides that get taken, the viewpoints that get expressed have already had the groundwork laid because Bendis had the opportunity to play many of the superheros off each other in concert. I've previously complained about Bendis being spread to thin, but I'll forget I said that when I say that Marvel did a good job in spreading Bendis around here.

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