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Moving, possibly moving

Wednesday is set for the day of my move from one side of Shoreline Blvd to the other. A detailed plan of attack for each carload has been drawn up; it should be glorious.

A consequence of every move I make is that goes into identity reassignment. In the past, I have sometimes temporarily transferred some of the files to Now that I have separated out my mythbusters and cycling blogs, though, it may be too much of a headache to do the brain transplant. Also, with the Tour de France set to begin, nothing short of the real will do for the torrent of multimedia blogging that is set to ensue.

If you happen to know of a spare static IP address and line in Mountain View/Palo Alto/Sunnyvale that I can borrow for a week or so to hookup this server, please drop me a line. If you know of anyone at AT&T/SBC that I can bribe to not take the week or so they normally take to turn a DSL line on, also please drop me a line.

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Josh and I look forward to your postings starting on the first. The first thing that we did after moving was to make sure we had OLN for the next month. This should be an exciting race this year.


Definitely should be exciting, though all the Spanish doping hoopla is an unfortunate prelude. I made my final predictions over on my cycling blog, but this year just seems to crazy to predict.


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