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Many thanks to Tooch who is lending a wire and an IP address while I await DSL service at my new place. Comcast was hooked up this morning and I've found an open wireless network at my apartment complex so all should be set for the Tour-de-France-fest over at my spare cycles blog. The only problem right now is we can't seem to find any of my three TiVo remotes.

deut-sm.jpgWhile I was at Tooch's Norman Compound he showed off the manliest washer and dryer I have ever seen: the Whirlpool Duet. They have more switches and LEDs than an airplane cockpit. Tooch said that they were marketed at Nascar husbands, but doesn't that actually mean they are marketed at wives that want to get their husbands to do the laundry instead? And to think I had been thrilled earlier in the day to see that the dinky washer and dryer in my new place had been replaced recently.

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