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I'm a winner!

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I've been picking up some of the Tour Mania scratch and win cards from my local bike shop and today I won a Livestrong laptop! I am excited as this being my first-ever big prize win. Of course, I'm the last person that needs another computer and I'm not-so-excited about the taxes for the sucker, but I'll figure that out later.

You can also be a winner -- you can even play online at If you win a Madone 5.2 I'll trade you ;).

livestrong laptop

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M Author Profile Page:

Congratulations! Nice win. Perhaps you can craigslist or eBay it?


i'm jealous ;)

Congratulations! What are the stats on the laptop?

kwc Author Profile Page:

@m: ebay is a possibility as taxes would potentially run ~$450 on it or more (I forget it taxes are 30% or 50%).

@pqbon: They don't give any stats, but my guess is that it's not very spectacular -- they value you it at $1350 and it's an HP AMD laptop. But not bad for scratching a piece of paper.

kwc Author Profile Page:

I think I found some specs. It should be at least this, given that this is the $1150 config:

AMD64 Turion ML-40
1GB PC2700
Light-scribe double-layer DVD 8x writer
Radeon Xpress 200M with 128MB shared video RAM
14" display, 1280x768

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