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Silver lining

Time Warner Cable in Raleigh is apparently refusing in install CableCards in Series 3 TiVos. Their argument is that they offer their own DVR service, so they shouldn't be forced to support their competition. By similar argument, they could sell their own TVs, and refuse to offer cable on yours.

The silver lining? I don't live in Raleigh, nor do I have Time Warner, so I'm not affected, but more importantly, Time Warner has provided another real world example of why DRM and DRM-like technologies aren't about protecting copyright, they are about protecting business models and technologically barring competition.

Update: Time Warner has changed their policy and will support the Series 3 TiVo.

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Cable companies are still monopolies most places, right? I guess there's DirecTV, but you often can't get that if you live in an apartment building. My point being that if Time Warner refused to support my TiVo, my inclination would be to just switch to another company, but I guess that's not always possible.

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