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Time Machine Desktops

One of the cool new features Apple is announcing right now is "Time Machine", which attacks one of my pet peeves: the amount of labor involved in creating backups. It will automatically backup your files in a time-indexed way -- even to a server -- and the flashiest feature is that you can even move your Finder backwards in time to find a file.

Even reading a brief summary from the live WWDC coverage I know it's cool because I've seen it before; I'm fairly sure Apple copied this idea from Jun Rekimoto of Sony (Time-Machine Computing). Funny how both before and after the announcement of "Time Machine", Jobs made fun of Microsoft for copying Apple and Google -- I guess it's okay to copy Sony?

Update: as far as I can tell, much of what was announced is copied in some way or another, though Apple did a very slick job -- in many cases better -- of implementing it all. Outlook has had notes and todos for several years, Spaces appears to be an Expose-ish virtual desktop manager, and Spotlight has been updated to be a little more like Quicksilver. I wouldn't point this out if it weren't for the fact that Apple seems quite obsessed with calling Microsoft a copycat, when in fact Apple is just a faster, and better copycat.

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