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What are these blue spots?

I was playing around with Wikimapia, which seems to be a fun site because people have annotated a Google Map so that you can find out various things like apartment complex names, bike path entrances, sites of former dumps, etc... One of the best features of the site is that you can easily select a region of the map to post to your blog, like I did above.

The area above is the entrace to the Dish loop off of Junipero Serra -- anyone know what those blue spots are?

And speaking of maps: I hope to see the Old Maps group of Flickr grow.

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Yeap, those are blue tarps. Stanford was experimenting with using them to cover regions of ground, as a technique to combat some invasive plant species that had gotten into the dish. There was a sign up around them last time I walked by them, but that was last year sometime. You can also make out the hay-people, the round hay bails that are set up near the path, as well.

There are some wonderful old maps of "Asia" as put together by 15th-17th century Europeans at the Asian Art Museum in SF. Sadly, they're in a "no photos" exhibit.

I love that Korea is an island in two of them.

At maximum zoom they apear to be blue tarps that are being held down by white edge weights.

At first I thought they were redacted protions of the map but if you zoom in you can see black squares also.

You can also see grass die off where there used to be something, indicating that there were more tarps or that the tarps have been moved.

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