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Google Pages on my domain

At the very sparse you can see the start of a my new Google-hosted Pages site. It's much like their GMail for your domain product -- they share the same administration controls -- but with this particular port of their product, you get 100MB for your entire domain and only domain adminstrators are allowed to make edits. I hope that they open this up more in the future -- it would be nice if you could hand out individual Pages accounts to your users as well as setup collaborative Web spaces on your domain, although I personally don't have a need for that right now.

Those of us who already had hosted GMail got the upgrade to the "Google Apps" suite automatically. In addition to Pages I can now hand out accounts for Google Talk and Google Calendar. I'm not a big fan of either of those products, so not a big deal right now. I'm wondering how long it will be until Writely and Spreadsheets join the suite.

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