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Dirty Jobs Drinking Game


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d and I love Dirty Jobs. d loves it because "it reveals the dirty underbelly of capitalism," I like it because it's dirty. In honor of their 100th dirty job episode -- Farmer Bob's Las Vegas pig farm is our favorite -- we put together this drinking game. This is our first cut, we may refine the list later.


  • "Hi, I'm Mike Rowe" (including outtakes)

Drink if:

  • Mike tells someone, "you have a dirty job"
  • Mike quotes opera lyrics, theater lines, or poetry
  • There is an explosion
  • Mike squirts/flings something on the camera
  • Mike gets something unpleasant in his mouth
  • Mike writes "Dirty Jobs" in muck
  • Fecal matter is involved
  • Pigs!
  • Mike harasses a cameraman
  • Mike attempts math
  • Mike takes his shirt off
  • Mike loses a shoe
  • Vexcon makes an appearance
  • Mike has to catch an animal
  • Producer jazzes up monotonous segment with rock music
  • Mike has to sex an animal
  • Mike wonders why he isn't wearing a mask
  • Mike complains about not getting any help
  • Mike has to herd an animal into a pen
  • Mike mentions his former career
  • Mike eats whatever he was handling
  • Mike gets stuck
  • Mike has to assist animal mating rituals
  • Mike fears for his life

Chug if: * Mike sings a song * Mike coaches a kid to say Dirty Jobs is his favorite show * Mike vomits

If you're really crazy, drink (or chug) if: * Mike screws something up

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Nice! Still love the show, but didn't much care for the 2-hour retrospective special.

The Vegas pig farmer segment WAS a good I'm trying to figure out my favorite. Maybe a tie between "chick sexer", "SF sewer repairman", and the pig farmer.

I thought I saw the vexcon logo on Mythbusters recently (on a piece of clothing, forget whose)...did you see it?

Rowe-related: You might also enjoy the Deadliest Catch season 2 if you haven't seen it yet.


SF sewer repairman definitely up there for me and I'm certain fits directly into d's "dirty underbelly of capitalism" delight. We have the season 1 DVDs on order and that episode is among them. The 2-hour special definitely played a lot of b-sides, with the natural problem that there was a good reason why that material wasn't originally on the show, though it was fun to see the short clips of some of the better moments of previous shows. I didn't realize that Rowe was involved with so many Discovery shows. After your mention of Deadliest Catch, I looked it up and found out that he also narrates American Chopper and American Hot Rod.

I'm a bit behind on MythBusters. I'm waiting for the RSI to cool down before I blitz through the episode guides for those.


Interestingly, Rowe also did some Bay Area local-interest shows a few years back (I forget the names).

He did a segment on the Fremont backyard monorail guy on one of those shows, for instance.

(I recommended Deadliest Catch not so much because he narrates it -- he basically just reads a matter-of-fact script -- but because it seems like if you like DJ and MB you might like DC)


And tonight, the man, Himself, appeared on Larry King...

How very cool!


You guys should try the jersey shore drinking game, it will get you plowed in no time.

I love this show! What a great idea, but I'm afraid I won't make it to the first commercial!

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