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Housewarming thanks

I didn't think 40 people would be able to fit in our apartment, but somehow people seemed to find the space. Thanks everyone for stopping by, making for a good time, and bringing things like brats, coolers, pies, cakes, dips, chairs, sausages, beer, and wine to make it all work out. Apologies to those we couldn't invite -- we freaked out a bit when we saw our evite hit 40 people, so we figured that we're just going to have to throw more events. We'll need your help though: somehow our wine bottles multiplied, and we're going to have to remedy this problem.

For those of you who enjoyed the chicken recipe, here's the epicurious link. I like the recipe because it's darn easy -- no marinating, you can make the sauce while the chicken is grilling, and it's delicious.

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