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Day of the Video: TiVo

Update: m sent me the link for the $199 lifetime service transfer option. You need to do it before the end of 2006. I'm hoping that I can get one before then with my rewards points.

It's here! Series 3 TiVo, or rather, TiVo HD. It looks like everything you could want in a TiVo -- I especially like the new front panel that tells you what programs are being recorded -- but there is one glaring omission: no TiVoToGo and otherwise incomplete TiVo Desktop support (mp3s, but no high-res photos). They hint that they might fix this, but after taking so long to push this out the door, I'm disappointed. I've always planned to keep the old 140-hour Series 2 around, but its silly that I can't get everything in one box.

There's no word on whether or not it will be available using TiVo Reward points, but the list price is the expected $800. Instead of lifetime, they're offering a new 3-year prepaid plan for $299 -- in other words, the same price as lifetime, but a whole lot shorter. Granted, 3 years is a long time for an electronics device with a hard drive and is close to its actual product lifetime -- my series 1 died after 5 years -- but my opinion is that TiVo wants to cut into the folks selling their lifetime TiVos on eBay. There is no confirmation yet of the "transfer lifetime service for $199" ad screenshot that made the rounds.

Engadget has an early review and some videos. site is currently slow due to the plethora of tech announcements

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I received an e-mail from TiVo about the transfer offer (it seems like it will allow it from a Tivo series 1 or series 2 tivo for $199, and keep TiVo service activated on the old box for an additional 12 months).

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