Photos Spare Cycles MythBusters

I was just on MythBusters!

See if you can spot me ;) (Hint: you won't recognize me, just my big telephoto lens shooting behind everyone as Tory does his fall)

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Damn! I just watched that last night. If I'd known you were on it, I'd have DVRd it so I could spot you. The episode was pretty funny. I thought Buster's ass hanging thru the awning was great.


I thought it was one of the best executed episodes this season, though I'm still catching up. The ejector seat and gorge jumping went perfectly and beautifully, and yes, it was hilarious when we saw that it was just Buster's butt hanging through.


I thought I saw you twice, and your face was even visible though it was in the distance -- standing against a building across from the canopies. Were you wearing a black jacket and red t-shirt?

I assumed the telephoto-lens guy was you :)

Man, drilling those awnings to the building looked like it really sucked...drilling concrete is no fun even when it goes well.


Yeah, you spotted me right (I'm wearing my Threadless Pig+Bacon shirt). I'm in the opening montage sequence standing behind them as they are looking up and you also see me snapping photos when Tory jumps off the lift onto the crash pad. I'm probably in one of the time-lapse videos, but good luck trying to spot me there ;). I tried really hard to stay out of shots, so I was surprised that I made it in as much as I did.

The drilling took at least an entire day -- we know they did some drilling the day before, but they had trouble with broken bits and were hoping that it would go better the day we saw them.

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