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Navy beats Stanford

It was fun watching crush Stanford at the grand opening of the brand new Stanford Stadium. From the way the event was run (right down to the final score) you would think it was the opening of a new Navy stadium. The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band and its Dollies were on suspension for sledgehammering and spray painting the Band Shak, so the Stanford side of the football field was oddly... professional, as there was just the Stanford cheerleaders performing. The entertainment for the game -- both off the field and on the field -- had to be provided by Navy instead. The game started off with people parachuting in and F-18s flying over, Navy beat up Stanford in the first half, the half-time show was performed by the Navy Drum and Bugle Corp, the F-18 pilots were given a large round of applause during at the end of the halftime show, and the Navy continued their trouncing of Stanford in the second half of the game.

Some other observations: * Be careful what you hand out in the stadium. We had cards taped to our seat that we were supposed to hold up at half-time to make an American flag. Most people obliged there, but as the Stanford football team continued to provide misery to its fans, the fans resorted to making paper airplanes out of the cards. I moved down to the lower deck for the second half and there was a constant stream of paper airplanes hitting the empty chairs around me or landing on the field itself. * The new stadium reminds me a bit of PacBell Park (or whatever its called now). The main concourse has good sightlines to the action on the field and there are new HP LCD monitors showing the game, though the picture on the HP monitors makes them look like crappy products. There's even a flat area at one end of the stadium with grass and arches where kids can run around. It is impressive what they did in such a short period of time. To prove they really did rebuild the entire stadium in 8 months from scratch, they showed a time-lapse film of the old stadium being carved down to dirt and then reborn. * The F-18 pilots were rock stars. This was odd for me, having spent so much time on Navy bases and never seen that sort of treatment. There were standing ovations where-ever the pilots walked and kids rushed up to the barriers to get autographs.

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