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iTunes 7: likes, peeves

Update: the iTunes 7.0.1 upgrade nuked my entire library

I've upgraded most of my machines to use iTunes 7 with some good and some bad results. It's clear that this is a buggy release, which is problematic in my opinion because you have to upgrade in order to continue purchasing videos on the iTunes Store. A co-worker of mine had her entire library disappear when she upgraded on her Mac (her daughter got a new Nano). My bugs have been far less severe, though a trifle annoying. I prefer to sit out Apple's first version of any hardware or software product, but I disregarded my own advice and upgraded anyways because I wanted some free ABC episodes.

Cover Artwork

I love the new cover artwork views, at least the the static, non-CoverFlow ones. I'm not sure that the flipbook is going to be terribly useful, though it does look neat and better approximates that physical act of browsing music. I appreciate the fact that iTunes lets me download album covers now, but it's a feature that's still evolving -- I've found that they have been adding new album artwork over time (Q: Does the automatic download feature actually work? I see no evidence that it does).

I have two peeves with the new tech, though. 1) I've had it download the wrong cover artwork for a White Stripes album and the "Clear Downloaded Artwork" option did nothing.  2) As you can tell in the screenshot below, it does covers by artist name, not album name. This means that for Moby's 18, for example, the 18 tracks get broken into four separate listings. Is there any way to fix this other than editing the artist name?

Media Reorganization

I like the fact that the movies view of iTunes 6 has been given an upgrade. It looked nice in iTunes 6, but it was a bear to use. It is much easier to browse videos now that you have the list, list with covers, and CoverFlow views. However, I did run into one problem: there are now views for TV shows and movies, but not vodcasts. Some of my vodcasts were marked 'movies' (e.g. zefrank's The Show) while others were not.

Video Playback

Why does iTunes play video in the tiny 'Now Playing' postage stamp by default? Also, why does pausing a video in full-screen playback cause it to disappear?

Mini Store

I wasn't going to note my inability to figure out how to turn this off -- for about five minutes, because I didn't read their three paragraphs of text in full -- but then I saw that even the people at TUAW had a similar gripe.

Accidental Features?

I ran the "Check for Purchases" feature because iTunes didn't finish downloading three tracks. When I did this, I found that my iTunes downloaded a music track that I had purchased (for free) a long, long, time ago. I know this was an accident on their part -- somehow or another they didn't mark the download for that track as complete -- but clearly Apple has the capability to let me resync my purchases via the iTunes Store (as if this wasn't obvious) instead of clumsily backsyncing from my iPod.

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Hi. I am a bit of a computer novice but I had the same problem as you and my library and playlists have been deleted. I opened my itunes folder and there is an itunes library (damaged) as well as an itunes library. Not knowing what to do I copied all my music into the itunes library but my playlists are all goneand the "damamged file" remains. How can I resotre my original library and playlists? If you can help I'd appreciate it.Thanks.

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