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My first book cover

While not as cool as getting a solo exhibit in the Brooklyn Atlantic subway station, I did get my first book cover credit as a result of my Flickr habit. It's easy for your photos to end up in many places... when you give them away for free.

A couple of months ago I gave permission for a publishing company to use one of my photos, and in return a package arrived today with a copy of Cult of the Luxury Brand.

Cult of the Luxury Brand

Here is the original photo of the Prada Building in Tokyo:

Prada Building, Omotesando, Tokyo

The complimentary copy of the book is the entirety of my payment, but heck, at $35 ($23.10 sale), it is $35 more than I have received for any of my other photos -- though the MythBusters did give me a sandwich and a burrito.

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Also, you know you've been watching too many Scrubs re-runs when you think everything starting with "My..." is an episode title.


My indeed -- when does the next season start? My eagerness awaits.

M Author Profile Page:

Very nice! Congratulations!


That's pretty freakin' awesome.

Excellent! Congratulations!

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