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Hide your wallets, Canon Rebate Season once more

Canon is now offering double rebates until January 13th. Double rebates means that your rebate doubles if you buy two items, e.g. if the 5D is $300 off, you get $600 if you buy another eligible Canon item. This isn't quite as good as the triple rebates that they sometimes do, but it is catchy enough to make me want to hide my credit cards until the rebate is over. Must... resist... more... lenses.... and... speedlite...

You can view the rebate details on Amazon -- the rebate applies wherever you buy the equipment.

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Wait until you've got your Amazon Credit Card at least -- camera equipment is a really quick way to rack up points. I've been eyeing the 100mm Macro Lens.And Christmas ought to do nicely as well.

They're likely to release a new 5D type at PMA? in March. The 5D rebate is quite good -- about $2200 if you buy another lens at the same time.

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