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"Switching" to Mac

I should soon have a brand-new 15" MacBook Pro at work. It's not really switching, as my primary machine will remain a beefy dual Xeon Windows machine, but it will be nice to finally be able to live in both environments. I was very nearly considering getting a MacBook for personal use, but a lucky scratch-and-win contest changed that. But perhaps it made my work upgrade choice easy: as I already have relatively new Windows desktop and laptop, a Mac laptop is just icing. I won't get to use it for personal stuff, but lets take things one step at a time.

Any software recommendations? For my last Mac experiment, I took a liking to Adium and Quicksilver.

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M Author Profile Page:

Will it be one of the new Core 2 Duos?

OmniOutliner is awesome, and it should ship with your MBP as part of the bundled software.

kwc Author Profile Page:

Yup, it should be either the fastest or second-fastest depending on how the pricing works out.

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