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Something I should disclose is that since my last Qoop post, I have become a beta tester for Qoop. Before I only had photo cards and some photo books; now have one of every current Qoop product: photo book, travel mug, two mini books, a poster, two calendars, a t-shirt, and photo cards. Free stuff is nice and all, but I agreed to become a beta tester because I genuinely want Qoop to do well, as Qoop's success contributes to Flickr's success.

But now, of course, how do I maintain an authentic voice on this topic? If I really like something and mention it, am I a shill? If I don't like something, is it fair to mention it, given that my role here is to help improve Qoop's product?

I don't know how I'm going to blog about this in the future, but first, this disclaimer post. Next will be giving my feedback to the Qoop folks. After that, some of you may be receiving some of this boon, as it's fairly difficult to quickly construct one of everything on Qoop's site just for myself, and I wanted to gauge other peoples' reactions to these customized 'gifts'.

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