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Squirrely election


Dana Street Roasting Company has this amusing photo on their tip jar that I had to share. I've joked around with friends that squirrels will be the deciding issue for this year's local elections (three city council positions are up for grabs). The local papers have run amok with stories of the Cuesta Park squirrels attacking children: are they rabid? will Mountain View trap or kill them? are our children safe?

I can't seem to avoid squirrel tales in this area. First, there's the many apocryphal tales of the Stanford black squirrels: they escaped from a Stanford Lab, Jane Stanford brought them back from Italy, etc... the truth is that they are fox squirrels that probably migrated with the Transcontinental Railroad. Then there are the Xerox PARC squirrels, which are fond of eating the wiring out of cars (they are not alone). Then there are the SRI suicide squirrels, which sacrifice themselves on the SRI power grid to short out our power for the entire day.

Now there are the violent Cuesta Park squirrels attacking our children. Will we make them wear tiny GPS devices? Will we build a fence to keep the Stanford squirrels from entering Mountain View? Important election issues.

Remember to vote.

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The squirrels here ate my strawberries growing on my balcony. For this, the punishment should be death... to all of squirrelkind.


Joy posted on the squirrels recently. Amusing, and sad, more or less at the same time.


Excellent post! Thanks for exposing the Jedi training of those squirrels.


Obi-Wan-Kenobi is the one with the red lightsaber, but it's hard to tell!


wtf thats so funny


i love star wars and squirrels so if you combine them the power of the force will be strong

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