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Redesign poll

Redesign is in the works. I've tagged ~400 past entries, slowly working my way up to all 2100+. Soon I'll redirect my efforts to actual visual designs, thus a poll.

  1. Renaming 'kwc blog'. I want something shorter. I'm currently favoring "kwc'r", but other suggestions are votes for status quo are welcome.

  2. Visual design. I need to update to more modern templates for administrative reasons: should I keep the same look, or should I venture into new territory? I absolutely don't like the default MovableType templates, so a new design would be anything but.

  3. Architecture blog? I'm thinking of breaking out architecture-related content in order to better feature and categorize content. I have some Japan photos awaiting this decision.

Your input is much appreciated.

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Man. I am the worst at visual arts / graphic design sorts of things. All I can say is I like that the current design is relatively "bright." Dark pages bum me out.

As for names, I always choose whatever is silly, so my suggestions are dumb.


you should name it goonley. :)

honestly, I like the mix of content. we read the blog because we like you, and like the things you're interested in even if they aren't exactly the same as the things we are interested in. so I'd say no need to fragment off the architecture.

so, i'm still using some unbelievably ancient version of MT, but i ran the ubicomp site off of a newer version and I thought the templates much harder to work with. just fyi.

i have always liked the current look, but sometimes a redesign is fun and refreshing, and i'd trust you to do a good job of it. it'd be a good chance to showcase some of your photography.

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