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Bad TiVo rate increase

Update: zonereyrie has analyzed the new plans and came to the conclusion that if you sign up for at least 2 years, you actually save a little money with the new pricing; for 3 years, you really save money; for 1 year, things get much more expensive. I've read through his analysis twice already and still have trouble grokking it all, which is another way of saying that box fees + monthly pricing bundles + pre-paid bundles + monthly service only + multiservice discounts + prepaid service only = where's the TiVo financial planning plugin for Quicken?

TiVo is doing its best to make its rates at difficult to understand as possible and making it all more expensive at the same time. As a current user, the rate increase that hurts the most is that multi-service discounts now having a more expensive and confusing structure: instead of $6.95/month, it is now $13.95/mo for one year, $8.95 for two, or $6.95 for a three year contract. New users are hurt even more, with the one-year contract rate now priced at $19.95/month. You also have to calculate in the box fee they added with the previous rate restructuring, though you can currently get an 80-hour TiVo with $0 box fee.

I liked the previous TiVo. I liked the TiVo that allowed me to buy a box and pay lifetime on it, so that when I was finished with the box I could give it to my parents to play with. I don't like this new TiVo that wants $800 for their latest product and wants to charge me $100/year on top of that.

BetaNews | TiVo Raises Rates, Pushes 'Free' DVR

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