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Belkin 'Flip' KVM with wireless remote

belkin flip d and I needed a good KVM to switch between our desk setups and the Belkin Flip easily caught my eye as I browsed the aisle at Fry's. Most KVMs are ugly, obtrusive, and desirous of desk real estate. Belkin distilled the KVM down to its barest essence: the button to switch between two computers. It was an easy decision to go with the Flip.

My next decision, though, wasn't as wise. In my glee to hide as much of the KVM mechanism as possible, I decided to spend the extra $20 to get the wireless flip button. Yes, I spent $20 to eliminate a single cord. I actually sat in front of the display at Fry's for a good 10 minutes making this decision. I should have let the more parsimonious side win.

The wireless Flip frequently goes into a fit where it wants to switch over to d's computer. My best guess is that it is picking up stray wireless signals, though I can't explain why it never seems to want to switch the other direction. My computer is a PC and d's is a Mac, so perhaps Belkin embedded the Flip with its own Apple switch campaign.

Update: The Flip switch has been switched for its cheaper, corded cousin.

Belkin Flip

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