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Ridiculous games?

Can someone in the Redskins nation inform me of a more ridiculous win than Sunday's 22-19 win over Dallas? It had me and my dad simultaneously cheering and laughing over the absurdity:

  • Score tied 19-19. Redskins' Novak shanks a 49-yard attempt wide right. 0:35 remaining
  • Dallas easily drives down the field and sets up 38-yard attempt for Vanderjagt. 0:06 remaining
  • Field goal is blocked by Troy Vincent, who has never blocked a kick before. Redskins' Sean Taylor recovers the ball and runs down the field for 30 yards before being tackled. Clock has run out. Refs call a facemask penalty that: 1) gives the Redskins one more play and 2) sets up a 47-yard field goal attempt. 0:00 remaining.
  • Novak's kick starts off wide right but hooks in. Redskins win.

I would like to call this revenge for Parcell's analysis of the Redskins, except Parcell's analysis of the Redskins was correct, and all the game really showed was how much luck it takes for the Redskins to win.

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