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Big TiVo features tomorrow

PVRBlog points to a the "hold for release" newswire that indicates that TiVo will be expanding it's Internet video offerings, including:

  • ability to setup private groups with other TiVos to share videos
  • makes it easier to transfer downloaded videos onto a TiVo
  • select CBS programming downloadable to TiVo (probably not different from what CBS is currently putting on YouTube)

I'm not terribly excited by all of this. I feel that TiVo has either been vapor-ish with its announcements (Netflix, TiVo download trial, Comcast) or has under-delivered (TiVoCast, TiVoToGo) or has been an outright nuisance (the KidZone update that has significantly slowed down my TiVo).

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I agree about their vaporware, but they have to give something the engineers to do while the lawyers work out the real moves that matter. Meaning, IMO, that sadly what matters most for TiVo is not new features it's getting boxes into people's homes which means bundles with Comcast, Time Warner, etc. It's sad that TiVo's been around for as long as it has and its competitors haven't come at all close to its usability, but they haven't, yet I still have to listen to my co-workers bitch every single week that their Comcast box deleted their show.

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