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Bridge School Collection on iTunes

Within my own memory banks, some of the great tracks there are Billy Idol doing "For What It's Worth" and Dave Matthews and Neil Young doing "Cortez the Killer". The latter track will cost you $60 as it is marked "album only", which seems rather crazy applied to 80 tracks -- buy 78 tracks, get two free! The Bridge School concerts are good, but I'll have to decide whether or not they are $60 good.

I'm sure there are other great tracks in there as well, but from my limited attendance I do know that there's plenty missing, including Trent Reznor's set from this year, Paul McCartney singing "Hey Jude" with the audience, Dave Matthews and Neil Young doing "All Along the Watchtower", and Neil Young and the audience doing "Imagine". I don't know if these are awaiting a future release, stuck in licensing issues, or what. With Pearl Jam releasing full recordings of their concerts within 24 hours, I thought we were finally in an age where it might finally be possible to have it all. But at least with iTunes, we have 4x as many tracks as were previously available.

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